I’m Soo Mahabir.
I plan and design experiences using technology that build and support your brand.


I build discernible brand identity and tone through user-inspired interaction and visual designs in formed by my training in digital media and marketing and 10+ years of creating live events.

Using the same principles of building spectacles for evocative and engaging events, I create attention grabbing materials for the digital experiences that resonate with the people who engage with it even after they have left your site.

SEO Copywriting

Creating SEO copy that also communicates effectively helps you build the community that you want for your brand. Your voice is the first identifying points of engagement for your audience.

I am a versatile writer with a preference for simple, clear writing whether it is conversational, technical, or business like in tone.

Digital Strategy

Based on competitor research and up-to-date knowledge of the engagement capabilities for specific platforms and technologies, I develop a digital and social strategy to meet your measurable goals and curate content to create visual interest for clients.

I keep the value of the experience at the forefront of decisions made to help you stand apart from your competitors in a way that inspires confidence in ability and creativity in me and in your brand identity.

Selected Work

Working in digital media means to come up with creative uses and applications of technology to solve problems. It is more than marketing and coding. It is the ideation of how technology can be used.

With an extensive background in producing and managing live events and training in digital media and writing, my concepts and designs prioritize the real life impact of digital products on the targeted consumer/user.

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About Soo

I love clean and clever designs,
especially with a bit of humour.